“A message about what love is” between the Al-Safa Brothers and Ibn Sina


A closer look at the works of the most famous philosophers of Islam indicates that they are less interested in the subject of love. Their primary concern was research in nature and metaphysics, Only a few of Muslim philosophers was written in the love and the most important of them were: Al-Safa Brothers and Ibn Sina, They devoted messages about what love is, and they included in their conversation about it from human material love to divine love, And it is noticed that they have analyzed what love is, and explain its causes and differences in its divisions. I divided the research into an introductory topic: it includes explaining the concept of love, its parts, benefits, harms, and treatment. And to two topics: The first topic: What is love and its belongings among Al-Safa Brothers, and the second topic: What is love and its belongings at Ibn Sina, inspite of the different approach and some opinions among them, everyone agreed to encourage people to rise from the love of images to the love of the photographer, and from the love of the creature to the love of the Creator Almighty.


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Author Biography

Marwa Mahmoud Kharma, Dr., United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), Al-Ain, U.A.E.


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